Friday, October 4, 2013

Kia Sells it's Soul for Battery Power

Kia sells its soul for battery power

Starting in 2014, Kia will electrify its Soul and present the first of its kind.  Although it may not have the looks, it may not have the price either, but will it blend?  Rumors have claimed that the micro van will get up to 124 miles to the charge, but we will all have to wait till it arrives.

Like the Scion brand, Kia has been attempting to capture the low-end, cool-kids crowd with their splashy ads and catchy name.  Electric cars already have the attention of younger buyers, but most can barely afford the cheapest vehicles.  If the Kia Soul does not hit the markets with a price that is affordable, it may yet again miss the mark.

Of course the Soul EV will not go nationwide in the US initially, bur likely will be sold only in California, followed quickly by Oregon and Massachusetts.  If it does come on the market at the predicted $35k, even after incentives it will be a long shot away from it's petrol-fueled brethren.
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